Operations Jobs for freshers

An operations manager is a senior role which involves overseeing the production of goods and/or provision of services. An operations manager has a broad role, and the specific responsibilities will vary between different companies, but generally it includes monitoring and analysing the current system of production or provision to check it’s effective, and working out a strategy for improving if necessary.
It’s an operations manager's job to make sure an organisation is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. Every industry have operations job vacancies to handle the inside industry works. Operations manager can work in many industries, from healthcare and hospitality to retail and insurance or manufacturing and construction. They could even be situated in a multitude of environments in the public, voluntary or private sector. Before applying to any of operational jobs, one need to understand the job roles and responsibilities.

Roles And Responsibilities in Operation Job

  • Handling customer queries, feedback, complaints and requests and resolve, Manage end-to-end email,
  • Day to day process work with respect to coordination between different departments,
  • ttTrack each step on CRM and OTRS and where work is struck or if there is any deviation, communicates status to process owner
  • Work experience in a fast paced work environment (e-commerce preferred)
  • Responsible for Database management using Advance excel, filter functions & formulas, Pivot Table & charts, Importing & exporting data, Validating & analysis, Collating data from different locations.
  • Responsible for Monthly & daily report making, preparing & managing data.
  • Data Management, Preparing daily reports, Sales Team co-ordinations, Excellent Communication skills (Written & Oral English)