It Jobs for freshers

Over the years, Indian IT companies feverishly built their so-called pyramid model that involved hiring thousands of fresh engineering graduates annually and quickly deploying them on software projects to ensure overall costs remained low.
This industry creates lakhs of IT jobs for freshers in india and employs around 4 million people mostly in private sector jobs. IT sector is one of the most booming sectors in India as majority of white-collar jobs are focused in this sector.
The sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012. IT sector is primarily divided in 2 domains i.e. Product-based companies and Service-based companies.
Product based companies are those that create some products like Microsoft, PayTM, Amazon, etc are product based companies. Service-based companies are those that work on these products to provide service to the client. For Example: TCS, Wipro etc are service-based companies. These companies are looking for graduates in various job roles as sql server agent , angular 2 expert , mangodb jobs etc. Candidate should have knowledge in any of fields as web development, software development, database management. These skills will help candidates to get jobs in startups and MNCs.

Roles and Responsiblities in IT Jobs

  • Handling customer queries, feedback, complaints and requests and resolve, Manage end-to-end email,
  • Day to day process work with respect to coordination between different departments,
  • ttTrack each step on CRM and OTRS and where work is struck or if there is any deviation, communicates status to process owner
  • Work experience in a fast paced work environment (e-commerce preferred)
  • Responsible for Database management using Advance excel, filter functions & formulas, Pivot Table & charts, Importing & exporting data, Validating & analysis, Collating data from different locations.
  • Responsible for Monthly & daily report making, preparing & managing data.
  • Data Management, Preparing daily reports, Sales Team co-ordinations, Excellent Communication skills (Written & Oral English)

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