How blockchain gives credibility to Joblana test score?

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger where all the data are recorded and stored chronologically, also the data once stored in it is immutable to any change or discrepancy. Hence no one can change, hide or delete the data in any way.

Now let us tell you how Blockchain Technology gives credibility to JobLana Test Score.

1- All the questions which are made for the test are made by industry professionals and directly stored on the blockchain in an encrypted form so that no one can change, delete or see the questions.

2- All the test pattern and the difficulty level of paper is decided by top industry professionals in each job roles and it's stored on Blockchain so that no one can interfere in the making of the test.

3- Once the candidate submits the answers on the test center than those answers are automatically encrypted and goes to the blockchain where pre-stored correct answers are already present. Hence using the special secret key these encrypted answers sheet would be decrypted and automatically matched so remove the role of manual intervention.

4- The Test Score generated is immediately stored on the blockchain chronologically so it remains safe from any manipulations from anyone and easily accessible to anyone for checking its authenticity using the candidate JobLana Test ID.

We at JobLana believe that every candidate should get an credibility to their profile based on their test score and get an equal opportunity when they are in front of the recruiter. So JobLana Test is giving one such opportunity such that they can highlight themselves in front of the recruiter and where the recruiter can verify the credibility of the candidate based on the test score which is conducted totally on blockchain so it remains totally immutable, irreversible and transparent to everyone.

Let’s fill the gap between Job Seekers and Recruiters using the innovation of blockchain technology.