India's fastest growing Pre-Employment Skill Assessment Test accepted by hundred of companies

India's fastest growing Pre-Employment Skill Assessment Test accepted by hundred of companies



Increasing Placement for College Students

Increasing Placement for College Students

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About JobLana Campus Placement Solution

Every college reputation depends on the amount of students who gets placed in companies. At a certain point of time this placement thing become a headache for colleges to keep up with their reputation. It’s a dream of every college that their college students gets placed in big companies and MNCs and same time maintain healthy placement ratio for the next year.

Nowadays its getting hard for colleges to call companies for On-Campus placement in their college campus. Since companies have several colleges for recruiting. These companies have their own protocols before recruitment i.e. assessment test, Group Discussion etc while doing it for all colleges is not feasible for them and due to the limited time and resources, chances gets very low that they will visit your college.

Low Profile Colleges present in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities it’s becoming a challenge for them to maintain placement ratio in the current scenario.

For solving these problems JobLana is providing this amazing solution for colleges and providing them a chance to increase the placements in their respective college campus and represent them in front of recruiters.

JobLana conduct a skill based assessment test in college campus, our test is totally conducted over blockchain i.e. making of question paper, answer checking, score storing etc are done in a decentralised way with the help of blockchain and thus brings in credibility to our score due to which several MNCs, big companies have been partnered with us and accept our score for pre-recruitment.

How we work

Finalisation of JobLana test date in the college campus.
Interested Students have to register on JobLana website with college Refer Id.
Students need to Book the test in their dashboard present on website.
Computer Based test will be conducted on scheduled date in college.
Within a week, students will get their scorecard on email and on portal.
College students will be graded according to their performance.
They will get interview calls for various job openings in MNCs, Big Companies and startups through out the year.
Colleges will be promoted among companies which are recruiting during any time.

Why Choose JobLana

JobLana test is India's fastest growing Pre-Employment Skill Assessment Test conducted by JobLana and is recognised by hundreds of companies.

We believe that every student studying hard in any college should have equal opportunity to showcase themselves in front of recruiter independent of what college they belong.

Whether student is from Tier-1, Tier-2 or Tier-3 college , JobLana Test is a platform where job-seekers have access to apply for hundreds of jobs across the country, based on the test score, dramatically improving their chances of getting their dream job, with much less effort. Hence maintain overall placement ratio of colleges.

JobLana is giving opportunities for colleges having courses like BTech, MTech, MCA, MBA, BCom, BBA, BCA, BSc etc for all the present streams in each courses.

Benefits on partnership with JobLana

Benefits on partnership with JobLana

Increase Placement Ratio in your college
Placement in MNCs and Big Companies.
Get a representative for your college.
Highlight your college among recruiters

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Is JobLana test useful for final year students ?

Joblana test is an assessment test which help job seekers to highlight themselves . Those who are graduating next year can also apply for JL test which will help them to get good no. of interview calls so that they can get job offers just after graduation.

Is JobLana a placement agency?

JobLana is not a placement agency but instead we conduct skill assessment test hence indirectly increase placement for college students.

Who should approach JobLana for conducting test in their college?

College Training and Placement Head/Representative, Any final year student, College Management or any other person related to college in any way.

Is it worth to conduct JobLana Test on my college campus?

Absolutely its worth to conduct JobLana Test on your campus as it’s free to conduct test on campus and plus it will not only increase your placement ratio but also help to get your students placed in companies which never visited your campus.

How much time will it take to get interview calls after appearing for JL Test?

It will take around 1 week to get JL Test Score and on the basis of job openings in various companies student will get interview calls through out the year.

What types of companies are recruiting through JobLana Test?

Many MNCs, Big Companies and IT companies, Core Companies, Non-Core Companies, startups are recruiting on JobLana Scorecard.

How much time will it take to get placed after appearing for JobLana Test?

It actually depends on your performance during interviews and JobLana test .

Do students have to pay for taking JobLana test on college campus ?

If student is applying on JobLana Platform through college refer id then it’s free for them.

How can we get college refer Id?

You can get your college refer id once your college get connected with JobLana platform.

How can I connect my college with JobLana platform?

You just need to send a request through our contact form on behalf of your college. Once we get the required documents signed by the college authorities, it will be officially connect with us.

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You will get a callback within 1-2 working days