Mechanical engineering interview questions

Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions

Tue Sep 25 2018 22:25:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Scope of mechanical engineering is too wide but you should be prepared to work in such huge industry. Every interviewer takes interview with objective of becoming more acquainted with the applicant’s understanding level, their character, evaluating their abilities and experience and seeing if they'd make a solid match for the job being referred to. Notwithstanding the mechanical designing field, you work in, you will confront a portion of a similar standard inquiries amid various periods of your meeting. You can take joblana test which is one of the competitive exams after graduation for jobs .


The questions asked in Mechanical Engineering interview totally depends on the industry or field in which you are applying. The basic questionnaire for each field remain same but at technical level the questionnaire varies. There are many jobs for mechanical engineer in tata motors. So, If you apply for any car industry then the questioners will be in particular field regarding the IC motors ,Thermodynamics, Production process. So the technical question totally depends on industry. So your arrangement ought to accord the organization profile in which you are applying so be focused particularly on this and attempt to convey the questioner to your solid regions with the goal that he can see your genuine hang regarding the matter, learning and issue handling capacities in that field. 


There are generally two types of questions asked by interviewers. 

  • General Questions
  • Technical Questions

1. General Questions

 The general questions are common questions asked in each and every interview whether it’s for IT jobs, Mechanical, Sales and Marketing,  Civil engineering and many more. Under general questions interviewer ask 

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What is your strength and weakness?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Why you want to join us?
  • Where you see yourself after 5 years?


These questions are asked by HR usually, The selection and rejection is totally depends on this crucial round. If you clear the interview process calmly and with confidence as per the recruiter’s expectation then you will be selected. But due to hesitation or fear candidates sometime unable to answer these questions specially at first question of tell me about yourself in simple manner. Here we will discuss about how to introduce yourself professionally.


Here is short and crisp answer for tell me about yourself for freshers

Tell me about yourself?

Ans:- Thankyou sir/Mam for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself  in front of you. I am abc from xyz place. About my Personal background, my father is…… and my mother is …… I have two siblings. About my educational background I have completed my education qualification from xyz board and I have completed my professional qualification in particular field from xyz institute. About my hobby, I love to listen to music, playing, reading books etc. About my strength I am quick learner as well as I am self-motivated person. About my weakness, I am impatient.


Always keep in mind the introducing must be clear, crisp and short. It should be like this as it explains each and everything about you.

 Now we will discuss about the general question asked to mechanical engineering candidate.

  1. What was the first thing you ever designed?
  2. What are the most important skills for a mechanical engineer to possess?
  3. How would you explain complex designs to non-engineers?


By soliciting these sorts from questions, Interviewer endeavor to pass judgment on your capacity of clarification and certainty level. With the assistance of these sorts of inquiries the questioner get a thought of to what extent you've been put resources into mechanical building and how much intrigue your have in this. Inquiries questions are solicited to uncover the full degree from your energy and inspiration driving working in your specific field. So never get anxious, Try to answer every one of the inquiries with cool and loosened up mind.


  1. Technical Questions

The technical questions depends on the industry in which you are going for interview. The technical questions varies from industry to industry. Usually the basic technical questions asked by technical experts during interview process are given below.

  • Explain the types of Fits.
  • General factors that are affecting the factors of safety selection?
  • Why Heat Treatment is done?
  • What are the basic rules for designing castings and forging design?
  • Explain about various cold drawing processes.
  • Explain about the theories of failure under static load.
  • Explain the law of thermodynamics.
  • Pipes to be used for steam lines?
  • What is a CI engine and a SI engine?
  • Why did you choose mechanical engineering not any other field? 

These are the common and general questions asked in mechanical engineering interview. 

To get sure shot selection, Make sure you have in depth knowledge of subject matter to make your technical part strong.  The interviewers judge you during interview with your confidence level, smartness, politeness, gestures, communication skills, ability to discuss, appearance. So always remain polite, confident, and well-groomed while going for interview.

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