Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Tue Sep 25 2018 19:29:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hey, Civil Engineers, did you land up on our page because you are having an interview tomorrow? Don’t panic, Civil Engineers are asked the basic questions regarding their subject to test their knowledge and otherwise some tricky as well as straightforward questions to test your personality. We at JobLana, have gathered the frequently asked questions asked from the Civil Engineers.

The following article Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers will guide you throughout and will prepare you for your best.

  1. Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

Don’t rush into the answer. The interviewer wants to know what inspired you to choose this stream. A well-thought answer isn’t a hurried one. One of the most honest answer:

“My father inspired me to become a Civil Engineer. He is a science teacher. Ever since I was a kid, I saw him explaining how this universe works. Wherever there is a problem, there is a solution. There is a logic behind things and that logic is often termed as the solution. He always asked me to look outside the box and find out the solution. He always said the design can be made better with a different method too.”

  1. According to you, what qualities would I like to see in you as a Civil Engineer?

This question tests your ability to be successful and how well do you understand your role in this. This question also judges you on the basis: how well you define success and the qualities you think are required in you, by the senior level managers. You should also know the pros and cons of your work and should know how to deal with it instead of getting frustrated.

  1. Why do you want to work with us?

This question is asked to know whether you have completed your homework about the company or not. If you are applying for a job in a company and you are blank about their mission and vision, it’s a huge dismiss from their side. It’s like “You want to work with us, but you don’t even know what we do!”

So, always check the company’s website and blogs before checking in and make sure your answer is linked with the company’s vision and mission.

  1. If a client comes in a hot temperament, how would you deal with him?

The interviewer asks this question in order to check how well you deal with their clients. If their employees do not maintain the healthy relationship with the clients, the company would lose all of its customers. So, tell them that you deal with patience and switch roles too in order to understand their situation and act accordingly. It’s also important to act sincerely and don’t let either the client or the engineer down.

  1. Tell me some of the biggest challenges that are faced by the Civil Engineers?

Through this question, the interviewer tests whether you remain updated with what’s currently going on in the market. Always accept the challenges gracefully. If there is major problem going on currently, remember to mention that along with what you can do on your part in order to solve it.

  1. If there is any error in the design, would you bring it into the notice of the upper faculty members?

If you can cheat once, you will cheat always. This question is thrown on you to test your work ethics on just a basic level. Be straightforward and honest. Everything goes in vain when you don’t have a strong work ethic.

Ready to grab some tips?

  1. a) Be your true authentic self.
  2. b) Practice, practice, practice!

So, before stepping in, make sure to review this article again.

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