About JobLana Test (JL Test)

-JobLana Test (JL Test) is India's fastest growing Pre Employment Skill Assessment Test conducted by JobLana in most of metro cities in india and is recognised by over 2000 companies.JL Test is a platform where job-seekers have access to hundreds of recruiters from across the country, based on a completely objective and standardized score, dramatically improving their chances of getting their dream job, with much less effort.

How JobLana Test questions are made?

JobLana test questions are prepared by industry experts who have minimum experience of 5-10 years in their specific domains to assess the job applicant's skills in various fields with grading on each questions verified decentralised by other industry experts.

How JobLana Test Question paper is made?

JobLana Question paper is automatically created out of thousands of questions according to pre defined algorithm. It will be created at the time of exam and no one can know about the questions in the upcoming test, all these algorithms are securely stored on Hyperledger.

How blockchain is making JobLana Test more credible?

JobLana conduct a skill based assessment test in college campus and other offline centres, our test is totally conducted over blockchain i.e. from making of question paper, answer checking, score storing etc are done in a decentralised way with the help of blockchain technology, thus remain immutable to any external or internal manipulations in any form and thus brings in trust for our test score.

What is the current pattern of JobLana Test question paper?

JobLana Test is an online test of 2 hours duration in which candidate has to solve 100 questions divided into 4 sections as equally Logical Reasoning, English Proficiency, Quantitative Aptitude, Domain Test for specific roles. These 4 section will contribute equal no. of questions and marks.

What problems JobLana Test is solving?

JobLana Test is shortening the gap between job seekers and recruiters by providing right job opportunity to job seekers and by helping recruiters to easily shortlist the candidates either directly from colleges campus or off campus

To Whom JobLana Test suitable the most?

Job Seekers - It helps job seekers to highlight themselves in front of recruiters by performing in the test.

For Recruiters - It helps recruiters to filter out candidates using our test for further steps of recruitment.

For College - It helps colleges to increase the placement rate in their college campus and release by conducting decenterlized pre-employment exam for campus visiting campanies.

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